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Author Topic: The 3rd Makeblock 24-hour Maker Faire 2014/Arduino Day  (Read 11953 times)
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Last weekend we hold the 3rd Makeblock internal Maker Faire to celebrate the Arduino day. We got 4 groups of genius. Let's watch what they have made.
Check presentation video here:

Group One:
Leader: Waker   Project name: 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car

They’re going to build a 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car. Generally, if a person standing before the car, it will take photos in 360 degree and adjust the angle itself, input the 3D model data into computer, and you can print the 3D model into real model. And they name this project 3D human-being body Art.

Group Two:
Leader: Ziyang Liu       Project name: Five-finger Robotic Arm

Group Three:
Leader: Xiaoyu   Project name: Reality Version Rhythm Master

They want to make reality version rhythm master (a popular app game, the player press the slide notes with the music rhythm). The players will press 4 buttons which made by  4 Led shades to match the music rhythm.

Group Four:
Leader: Zhisheng Yang    Project name: Virtual Instruments

This group want to create Virtual Instruments (Virtual Piano,Virtual Electronic Drums and Virtual Cymbal). They will use ultrasound module detecting distance and receive the back ultrasound signal. The back ultrasound signal will transmit the signal to Arduino, then Arduino will transfer data through the serial port to PC and control the PC output the specific sounds.
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Nice post, I can see the happy faces from all the people over there, it's amazing.

Makeblock can construct your dreams into reality.

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