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I too like the smaller USB connectors and was also one of the reasons I purchased the Seeeduino Mega over the Arduino Mega board.



I haven't noticed that mini-usb is any less "reliable" than regular USB...

Perhaps jump all the way to micro-usb?  From assorted sources, it's supposed to "improve" on mini-usb in most aspects (but hasn't caught on as much.)


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Maybe instead of changing out the connector, a source of wall warts could be found that have a Type-A jack?

Like those that come with the iPhone and iPod Touch?  I here there are a few of those around...

dealextreme has them, rated at 1000mA even, for around US$3.

Type B seems to me to have a "more positive" (less negative?) attachment than the mini connectors.

I've had enough problems with friction-fit cables that I want a positive latch on every connection - screws (ala DB9) or some other latch (like the RJ series tabs).



Maybe tonight I'll try out that Cybiko wall wart and see how well it can power my Arduino (It'll probably work OK, as long as the current needs are low)...

Mine charges my bluetooth mouse just fine, It should have an output current at least as good as a PC usb port (500mA officially).


Micro OTG B would be best if looking to converge onto a connector type. This connector is the becoming standard for mobiles.  The main difference between the micro and mini is for lowest profile, i.e. as needed in mobiles.

Regarding the comment about reliability, its my experience that the SMT connectors are unreliable where they solder to the PCB.
This is especially the case with USB seeing as they are unplugged and plugged in again, and again, and again!

So, my top pick would be a Through hole Micro (less preferably Mini) OTG B connector.

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