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its my experience that the SMT connectors are unreliable where they solder to the PCB.

It's my experience that they are unreliable where the plug meets the socket long before any solder joints fail.  Very small dimensions coupled with mass-production tolerances and low cost manufacturing do not combine to give a reliable connection.



could always put on one of each... or possibly put down the second SMT footprint but don't populate in production - only there for those who really want it

truth be told, where I work we are sticking with the standard B connector because it truly is a robust connector in all aspects...

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@ZNahum: "precision" is not an absolute term but a relative thing. How much precision do you really need? A resonator, a crystal, an OXCO, a frequency normal, a GPS locked frequency normal? More precision usually means higher price and often higher power consumption.

Most "precision" requirements for the Arduino can probably be handled most appropriate with an external high precision RTC.

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I also like MiniUSB-B.
I have another board, Arduino USB and not MiniUSB-B was replaced with the basics.
Universal Japan board has a 1.27mm pitch
Able mounting the connectors are relatively easy to use staggered diagonally.
I can see a picture of shaking.


+1 Please add a Mini USB plug

I have several Mini USB cables laying around, but I have to unplug my Printer whenever I use the Arduino with the Large USB - B cable.
(I refuse to buy one as THE ONLY DEVICE I use besides my laser printer that needs the cable is my ARDUINO)

Not to mention i have countless wall warts (Cell phone chargers) that use that plug, not to mention car chargers, that make in vehicle operation very easy.

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