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In the flurry of the Freeduino movt and the anticipation of my students writing their first code tomorrow I had this idea to combine the sparkfun breadboard shield with paul's bare bones board in the spirit of parallax's homework board for the bs2. Out of all that came what I call the "bread board". (Ingenious I know. 8-)) The big square there is a space for the mini-breadboard used on the shields and available from sparkfun or elsewhere. The female headers should line up with the pin rows on the bb and stay to the same tried and true arduino format but I took some liberties with the power configuration. I also have wanted the option on my arduino to use a 5v regulated external supply so I changed that on this board so there are now 3 power selection options. Finally Ive kept to all through-hole parts so that if someone other than me were so inclined they could offer it as a kit or build their own. (Oh and I know theres no 1N4001 on there because they annoy me and the LM2940 has reasonable flyback protection.) (Oh, oh its also Diecimila compatible too.) (Oh, oh, oh, I should also give dimensions: 3.25" wide by just under 2" tall (1.85").)

In the spirit of things I offer it up as CC Attribution Share Alike so use it and abuse it but most of all let me know what you think.


And Here are the eagle files:


cute, its kinda like http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardPrototyping !


Nice.  It's good to see other people finding this kind of thing useful.  I designed the prototyping board that ladyada pointed to a while ago, but never mentioned to convince the rest of the guys that it was useful enough to manufacture (the files are available though, if anyone wants to make their own).  Maybe I should try to convince them again.  :)

What could be cool is to have a board that could be used with either a breadboard or as a perf-board.  Maybe we can combine the two designs somehow.

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