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I'm looking for an arduino/electronics group Near salem oregon. I found one in portland but I don't have transportation. I'm super new to electronics i just got my arduino last month (march), I'd like to learn as much as I can but it is a struggle when learning on your own. my College doesn't seem to have any electronics groups that I know of, there are electronics programs but I'm working on getting my associates in computer information systems and technology.


i dont know if there is a arduino group in salem but chemeketa does offer a class on it. Its elt 222 i am currently in it. My final is to make a rc robot with the arduino. But others are making different things you get to pick your final.


Hmm i'll have to check it out. I really wish their were some clubs around salem and chemeketa's gadget/rocketry club seems to be dead.  I wish i wasn't a noob it would be cool to have a club at chemeketa for arduino but i wouldn't know who to ask to start a club, but i wouldn't want to be in charge. due to my skill level.

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So it's not Salem, but you might find dorkbotpdx to be useful (http://http://dorkbotpdx.org/).

A bit of a drive but full of bi-weekly goodness.

Too bad Salem is a geek ghost town.



EDIT:  Oops, I didn't read your first post close enough.  I see you probably know about them.

So... maybe it's time to start something like dorkbotsalem?  When you boil things down, dorkbotpdx is basically a group of guys getting together for beers, showing off their latest projects and talking all things geek for a couple of hours.

Just a thought, but if you could find a place that had beer and wifi (basic staples), maybe you could start having meetings someplace (try keeping dorkbot meeting nights free and you might find a few people willing to carpool).  Start off with a couple of guys bringing their current stuff... even if it's just a Uno and a breadboard... advertise on Craigslist or something... You wouldn't have to be an expert - just interested in making things.  Show your passion and everything else will follow.

Maybe that'd work?  (if you build it they will come...)




Were you still looking a group? I just got my arduino and am trying to learn how to use it. Please let me know?  Maybe we could meet up and you can explain what you've learned so far?

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