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I would be interested in 5 kits for the studio to start with, thanks
(that is in ...almost ... london if your interested) ;)

I would go for a pcb kit soon as its ready please.
- wasnt clear - it includes a XBee module or not? - was looking to buy a Xbee dev kit anyway now, various options?



David Cuartielles


the kit will include the XBee, and it acts as an XBee development kit, since it allows to send any commands to it, reprogram it, change settings, or even upgrade hardware. I am working on an example that I will post to the website tonight.


PS. 5 you said? You will be willing to have 10 ;-)


I'm also interested in these boards.


David Cuartielles

check out the playground. It is lacking pictures, but I made an extensive article in how to use the XBee modules



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PS. 5 you said? You will be willing to have 10 Wink

well maybe 10 yeh, depends on the price. Instuituion is paying so...
Currently have like 10 Ard NGs (and now 3 Ard.BTs on order) So 5 is like the figure in my head. Convert half of them to Xbees.
- Most of the classes are still on the basics so USB is ok.

I mean I was about to order an Xbee Kit from Maxstream - something like £170 GBP for the one with (5 modules basic and pro)through Digikey. I'm sure its not cheapest, but easier to start with.

But an Arduino based kit would be better of course  :)
- I don't need the stupid windows based SDKs and serial developer boards.

So, I'll keep up to date on wiki and look forward to see whats up.




Interested, propably three.

David Cuartielles

jimw: You can still use the SDKs together with the XBee shield, the difference is that this one connects over USB ;)




I would also like to have 5!



I am new to Arduino but has a board on its way (can't wait :)

I am also interested and will probably take 2 or 4 (it really depends on the final price).


Hi all! I am Alicia Asín, from Libelium company. I'm very happy for the interest you show in Arduino Xbee, we are working hard for getting it available as soon as possible. For the moment, I can tell you the prices depending on quantities:
1+       39?
10+    37?
100+  36?
(Price include an Xbee module)



I'll take one!

Also, do those prices include the standard XBee, or the XBee-PRO?


Xbee chip is the standard one with on chip antenna.


i like this and i will buy 2
if not cheap,i will buy 1

what's the time we can see this~~ ;D


We work for getting arduino Xbee ready for selling at the end of june - beginning of july. As David said, it is complicated to fight with legal aspects.

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