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Hey guys,

I'm working on an autonomous UAV, and I'm trying to select a good data radio modem. The expected range at the competition is probably about 1 mile line-of-sight. Including a margin I'm guessing I want something with about a 1.5 mile range. I'm looking for something with a really simple RX-TX interface for serial communication. Also, since it's going into a small plane I'm looking for light weight and low power consumption characteristics. Obviously reliability would be nice so low bit rate errors and whatnot. I've found a hand full but I don't know if there are any makes out there that are particularly well suited and such. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


A fellow I know is using this module from MaxStream.  There is also a non-embedded model, in an enclosure with an RS232/DB9 interface.

Some high altitude ballooners have gotten 40+ miles direct line-of-sight.



Do you know if it is feasible to send video and data over the referenced datalink?  It seems like a pretty powerful link, and almost perfect for what I would like to use it for.  Also, does your friend have a development site which shows his project progress?


Nope, no project web site that I know of, and I'm having trouble remembering the name of the balloon project at the moment.

It's a digital (serial) link, max speed 115k baud, not sure how video would integrate over that link.  I don't know of a solution off the top of my head.


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