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Hi everybody,

I'm trying (without success) to connect my Esplora to the WiFi Shield to create a wireless connection. I'm using the 6pins ICSP headers to connect (http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoWiFiShield and http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoEsploraExamples) but the LED that indicates the connection on WiFi shield turns ON and then, after some seconds, turns OFF.
I already tested the wifi shield and my cables with an Arduino Uno and it's all ok.

Does anybody already tried to do this connection ?



Hi bruinsan!
It's not a direct solution for your request, but maybe it's bring other perspective:http://21stdigitalhome.blogspot.com/2012/12/esplora-expansion-header-pinouts.html
Enjoy!  8)


Tks dansro,

I will try this approach to connect Esplora to WiFi. I post the result after here.  :)



Up to now, I have not found a solution  =(. Even with the dansro approach. Suggestions are welcome.


Hello, i built a quadcopter with an esplora and xbee just like in the 21st century link, it should work but then again not much experience with the wifi sheild, depending on what you are trying to connect, i would recommend using xbee modules for your project, great range and dependability as well as a bidirectional communication not given in general Transmitter/Receiver combos


You will need to find out what pins other than the ICSP header are used, find the esplora free pins on 21st digital home, remap pins if the "official" pins are not available then change the code to point to the new pins.


You should use an xbee connected to another xbee that sends wifi data from an arduino uno:
Wifi shield - uno - xbee - xbee - esplora

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