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For replacing 555 timer circuits I use ATtiny13's.  I program them with an ISP programmer.  Complete system --- a 8 pin dip.

For devices that need communications (i.e. USB, RS232 or Ethernet) I would like a low cost building block.

If that building block is used in a controlled well designed environment and/or a finished product, SMT's reduce size and I beleive reduce cost.

Many of my projects in not so nice environments --- the replaceable part gets me going until I can figure out what I overstressed.

In another post, I have inquired about a standard socket to insert a non-smt Arduino for rough and tough experimentation and latter replace it with an SMT based ethernet web interface when I have to bugs out using the same interface socket.

In summary both designs are required.


I say keep the DIPs alive for a little longer at least.  They are so useful for prototyping and mini-production.  Deadbugging a smd CPU is just no fun, especially with a wirewrapper :)

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