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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area as I could not find an appropriate area...

I have seemed to have misplaced my boarduino USB cable and need to program my boarduino this afternoon.

Can anyone tell me the pinout of this along with a picture of the ends showing the actual pins and which wires are connected to them so that I can make one out of a standard USB cable if I need to?

If possible, please email a copy to me at irethedo@netzero.com

thank you!


Which boarduino are you talking about ?
The one with included usb jack, or the one that needs the FTDI cable ?



Yes I need the pinout of the FTDI cable


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Just to avoid misunderstanding, a standard usb cable does not come with the converter chip inside above cable.


As madworm said the FTDI cable includes an FTDI chip, you cannot program your board without the special cable including the FTDI FT232 chip in it

The FTDI FT232 chip is the main reason the cable costs $20

You need the special FTDI cable or a serial ( DB9 RS232 ) to TTL adapter ( about $5 ), I think you can probably use a P4B programming adapter from Wulfden / Modern Device


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