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I just woke up and remembering what i was dreaming about and here it is :D

Would be possible to make Arduino plugin that is kinda like Project Board, except it's programmable and allows you to by simply drawing PCB (like program PCB Design) - you have a fully functional PCB ready to accept components.
I don't know if this was clear enough :D


No, not clear enough yet. Please expand your thought.
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sounds like the sort of project that needs good video output and mouse / tablet input,
     and some way of drawing the pcb, like 3d printing,

might be a little out side the capability of the arduino, more PC power ,


yea, you are right, i was too rash :D ... But here's an idea, maybe someone will figure out even better thing, i don't know, but it sounds pretty awesome to me :D


Check out Upverter.

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