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What's RainbowDuino?

A valuable duino with extensive control capacity, for quantity project usage. Estimate price  $8-$15


No on-board USB-UART chip -  Trimmed for cost reduction,  Separate UartSB or wireless module will be provided for USB connection.

MCU to be mounted - Program offline and plug in, you may also choose any compatible MCU you prefer to use.

Extensive Control capability - Multiplexed I/O port with 74HC595 [ch65288]or more integrated bi-directional ICs, suggestion welcomed)

Easy Cascade - Specially designed I2C port,  DC in& Out,


Control over LED matrix or Robotic.

Pending for suggestions.

1. Is there a inexpensive IC more powerful than 74HC575? Maybe Bi-direciton multiplexer with more channels.

2. How about more UART?

3. How about CAN?

Thanks for any suggestion or concerns ^^


What will this offer that the existing Arduino, FreeDuino, Boarduino, etc. do not?


it can drive RGB matrix directly,

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