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Hi guys, I've gotten myself stuck with a project that is kinda very important and ran into an obstacle. I'm building a quadcopter(I'm posting in Robotics because it seemd appropriate) and here's the deal. I've made the TX and RX parts using the 433MHz module. The first thing i'm doing is trying to just send a pot value to one of those Hobbyking's KK flight controllers. I've tried sending it signals using the servo library. using servo.write(val) didn't do any good. I've also tried using servo.writeMicroseconds(val) but to no avail. Does anyone have any expirience in this as Google gave no results. Also the input signal from Receiver for the KK board is given as 1520us for 4 channels. If it all works i'll be making a blog for a buildalong for the cheapest UAV ever made.


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Well happy birthday i guess. Anyway I just went and borrowed a remote, but I figured out how it works in the meantime and just decided it isn't as simple as i thought it would be. Mostly because it's hard to get the hardware here :(


Not clear what you're trying to do here. You have an Arduino controller (starting with a simple pot first) and you're trying to figure out how to send the signal via your 433MHz transceiver to another Arduino+transceiver combination sitting on top of a KK board?


Yeah that was the idea, more or less. Basically i didn't want to pay for a big remote control and the reciever and everything. So yes, I wanted to have one arduino board send a pot value to another via the 433MHz and then have that one relay the signal to the KK. It works and all BUT i could never figure out how to send multiple values.

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