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Hey guys,
I'm looking for an ARM9 based development board, which must have:
32bit ARM9 MPU
Ethernet (10M as minimum),
USB (Host and device)
2 or 3 serial ports
LEDs and buttons
Linux support
better would it be if it has been assembled with a TFT LCD (3.5" or bigger" and come with pre-configured tool chain, binaries and source code.

Someone who has experience with such a thing please give me some recommendation, Thanks in advance


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No doubt there are some arduino users that could answer your question but I would think an ARM9 forum a more likely source for your quest  ;)

A number of sources come up on google with the following as search terms:  ARM9 development board forum

Good luck!


If you are interested in build one yourself, jym has contributed us a open source PCB here:


Thank you mem for your suggestion, I'll try somewhere else, but I still wish to get some recommendations here. Could someone help me, thanks in advance!


The taskit Panel-Card seems good.
And beside this, the MINI2440 + LCD from http://www.developmentboard.net fits your requirements too,

Samsung S3C2440 (ARM920T) MPU
64M SDRAM, 64MB NAND flash, 2M Nor Flash
32bit data bus
ethernet, 2 x USB, 3 x serial port
3.5" LCD....

Euro200 only

check them out, might be interesting

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