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Heh.  I've never felt motivated to try to get samples out of Atmel, but it's nice to know that people who deserve them DO get them!


I had to talk to an Atmel Sales rep anyway, who confirmed the Atmega328 is expected in production quantities for 2008 Q3 (so only a little later than LadyAda's ball-parking).
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Any news to know if it's compatible with the 168 ?


It took us about 5 hours to modify and test a code move from the Atmega168 to Atmega328P for another project; 4.5 hours of that was testing. We really just chose the '328 in AVRStudio, make'd, and I think we had to change one memory constant.

If you're not using the picopower bits (which the Arduino isn't), it's really just a 168 with more flash, ram, and eeprom.
I expect the Arduino code would require a modified bootloader (IIRC the bootloader address moved to the new top of ram location) and a new chip definition to use all the extra memory.

Testing the 328 with Arduino is on my todo list, it's just not at the top yet  :-/
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ive ported the bootloader, seems fine...but until they're available for purchase it aint much use :)

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