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it should work just fine for '168s as well (altho i havent tried it yet)


Got my chips preprogrammed from ladyada in the post this morning.

Is there any progress on the linux ide?
Ive downloaded the modified version 11 for windows and can run it in windows under virtualbox but would really like to use version 12 under linux if at all possible.
I suppose version 12 on windows at a pinch if its ready yet.
Whats involved in getting the linux version12 working?

If you want someone to try getting there sketches running under your modified version12 windows or linux I would be willing to give it a try.



Actually, I've already incorporated ladyada's changes into the bootloader, so the new one will be in the next release, and is at: http://svn.berlios.de/wsvn/arduino/trunk/hardware/bootloaders/atmega168/


heres how to use it under linux (thx to solidsilver!)



Excelent, Ill give this a try later as I had problems using the modified version 11 for windows as I needed the liquid crystal libraries. Didnt have time to work out what was wrong after I added the libraries but lots of error messages while compiling my sketch.
So Ill hold off looking further into that and try the linux patch for version 12.




Ive had a lot of problems getting this working under linux with xubuntu with version 12.
Ive posted on lady ada's forum about it so as not to cross post.



So does this mean the 168 chips can be replaced with the 328 and work with the v12 ?


Sorry bit of a cross post but I think its worth posting here as well.


Installed Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex as a virtual machine under virtualbox and it has avr-gcc ver 4.3.0 and it contains support for the 328.
You dont need to use a virtual machine, thats just how I work.

So all I had to do was install Java, avr-gcc and avr-libc as per the standard linux instructions then applied the diff to Arduino version 12 and it all seems to work as per the linux instructions.

Installing Ubuntu 8.10 to a virtual machine was far quicker than compiling the gcc toolchain manually.




Does this mean the 168 chips can be replaced with the 328 and work with the latest IDE ?


Well my mega328P from Fundamental Logic arrived today  :) I had previously installed the patched V11 IDE they have on their site, so I just swapped chips and fired her up. Seem to work great with blink compiling, downloading and showing "Binary sketch size: 1176 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)" Wow room to breath  ;)

So a couple of questions:

1. Is there any problems to be aware of in having two versions of the IDE, 11 and 12 installed (in seperate folder) on my Windows XP machine at the same time as long as I only use one version at a time?

2. Has anyone published a complete installable V12 IDE package with the 328P changes yet?

3. Will future versions of the Arduino IDE (V13...) include built in support for the 328P?

Thanks for any responses;


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