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I've looking up on how to make a dev board and with the help of a friend who's in his third year as an electrical engineering major, I'd like to make a board to be the big brother to the Arduino, and even the Sanguino. I'll be designing my own PCBs, and if the big kahuna is SMD I'll make a special board with pins on the bottom to keep that modular usefulness.

My actual question is this: What is the largest chip out there (DIP or not)  from Atmel that can hold the bootloader and work with the arduino programming environment?


The ATmega168 is the stock Atmel chip on Arduino platforms, and is the most capable that is supported.  Several people have done the legwork in preparation for wide availability of the new Atmel ATmega328 chip, only a few of which have been distributed.  I don't know of any other larger microcontroller (Atmel or otherwise) that has any support by the Arduino bootloader scheme.  It is this bootloader that makes it an Arduino, more than any other aspect of the board.


Well seein gas the Sanguino runs off of an Atmega 644, and I've heard talk of something like an Atmega 1268, I think there may be something larger.

If I need an altered bootloader, my roommate's a sophomore software engineer (gotta love having equally nerdy friends).

Anybody have any suggestions?


I think I've found my big fish, now it's time to start working with it. If anybody has any interets in the project, let me know and I'll keep you in the loop.


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"If anybody has any interets in the project, let me know and I'll keep you in the loop. "

Well many of us would be interested in hearing about progress. And software room mate or not, I'm sure there will be questions to come up that others around here have worked through already. So just keep posting in this thread on progress.

So what is the big fish you have in mind ;) Bet it has a lot of fins..er I/O pins.


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