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This is an idea: I would like to continue to support and use the Arduino as a prototyping platform, but ultimately strip the things I do not need for my final projects like serial/usb communications, extra IO pins, blah blah blah to ultimately save space and cost (all my projects will ultimately be for my edification, proof of concepts for myself and hopefully to aid the online community).

My question is what is the bare minimum to have?  Is it just the microprocessor, and I just have to use the pins I need for each project?




You need a regulated power supply, which could mean putting a voltage regulator somewhere in your circuit (unless you have another source for it).  

In the current Arduino core a few things don't work if you're not using an external oscillator at 16 MHz.  I'm planning to fix this for Arduino 0010 and the Arduino LilyPad (which will be using the internal clock of the ATmega168).  

A reset button is often convenient, though you can just tie the reset pin high and remove power to the board to reset it.  

An ICSP header (the six male pins on the Arduino board) can be useful, but you don't need them if you don't mind moving the ATmega to another circuit to reprogram it.  


Thanks, I figured the power part.  I don't think I need the ICSP header as I will just use my current arduino board as a programmer (with the right cable of course).



See the RBBB at http://moderndevice.com. It's engineered to be just this - the minimum you can get by with, in the minimum space.


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