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Sorry to necropost here, but I have basically the same question. Arduino is fantastic, but it would get pretty expensive pretty quick to buy a whole board for something I intend to put together permanently.

I saw this approach taken on the Make blog a while back, but I see it's an ATmega8, not a 168. Besides regulated power, would the 168 require anything more than what's on this little setup? Could the 168 be programmed, popped off the Arduino board and run on just this?


The boards are intended as a prototyping platform. While you COULD buy a full board every time you had a little hobby idea, that's not the expectation.

Same basic requirements between the two chips.  I would have to check, but he's showing two Vcc pins and a GND that aren't actually connected but probably should be.  Jumpers OVER the chip would work there.


Yep, my mega168 is on a breadboard setup just like that.
All you need is the pullup to /Reset, & two capacitors w/ your crystal.


One place I saw suggested just tying the reset high, and removing power to "reset." But that only saves another penny, and you'd have to strip another wire. :)

Thanks guys!


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Can't get much more basic or inexpensive then this:


You could even not install the pin 13 LED and it's current limiting resistor, that would leave just 4 components and that counts the included MEGA168 (with Arduino bootloader installed), all for under $10.  I bought it for permanent attachment to my large solder-less breadboard which already has regulated voltages and I had a  DIP packaged USB serial module.


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