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Can someone tell some of the limitations or changes i should be aware of when switching from my 16mhz nano to the 8mhz pro mini. I knew some timing functions would have to be adjusted but apparently it cant use higher serial bauds as well. there should be a topic already about this so if anyone knows where it is, point me to it. Many thanks


You could check the Datasheet for a starter,
P.196, 197, explaine the difference of different Clock. for the serial


Looking at one of the AVR baud rate calculators, it looks like the max "standard" speed you can use "reliably" at 8MHz is 38400.  This is more of a "the division doesn't work out" issue than a raw speed issue.


does anyone know if software serial works at a lower max baud (or at all) on the 8mhz. I really only need 2400 but it would be good to know

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