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Campaign to publish a new book currently on Indiegogo: http://bit.ly/1qFDjO6


I might be more impressed if you were a regular contributor here.
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Hi Paul,  I appreciate your comment and you're right I'm new to the forum but hopefully I can get some valuable feedback here from the community on my book and give something back in return.  My Indiegogo campaign may not take off but it would be good to hear what people thought of what they see so far.  Many thanks in advance.


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To make this a reality and to make the book affordable I need to print at least 1,000 copies.  I could have gone down the traditional route of finding a publisher but I felt a better option would be to take control from the start and make sure the book goes to those who want it.

If you do not get it funded you can publish your book through Lulu.com which do publishing on demand. They will print even 1 copy if you want to for a fair price!.  I like their business model very much, check their website for the details. imho for books a far better option than crowd funding.

What I saw on the Indiegogo pages looks quite good. Can you tell what type of customer you are aiming at?

PS, I like the "volume one" on the cover ;)
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I might be more impressed if you were a regular contributor here.

Still looking forward to your offering Paul, titled "Arduino software for dumb asses".  :D


Hi Robtillaart, I'm aware of Lulu so could be an option if Indiegogo doesn't work. 

The 'first' book is aimed at easing people into the Arduino world but I think would also be useful for those with more experience (includes tables for connections/pin outs etc that I still use for reference).  'Volume One' was intentional as I'm already working on a more advanced volume two that a novice couldn't really pick up straight away. 

Many thanks for the comments so far and please give me more feedback as I want to make this something that people really want to engage with.


Nice article on my book by ATMEL Corporation (as you will know the Arduino is powered by the ATMEL series of microcontrollers) http://bit.ly/QjrXSU


Hi this looks great.  I'm fairly new to Arduino and think this could help me.  Can you tell me a bit more information please


Hi Ardman3

If you are new to Arduino this would be ideal as it goes through some of the basics but gets into more complex projects fairly quickly.  My Indiegogo page has a lot more detail including lots of images of pages from the book so you get a better idea.  Link to the page is: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arduino-project-handbook/x/6727171#home 


thanks for this.  I've just looked at your Indiegogo funding site and seen your gallery updates.  I now realise that it will be of help to me and clearly it will be of interest to others with more ability than me.  Good luck with your funding.  I'm about to give you a pledge.


Thanks for your support Ardman3, campaign going well, over 50% funded!  :) http://igg.me/p/717078/twtr/6727171


My book is now 100% funded and definitely happening with 16 days still to go!  Many thanks for all the support.  A few early bird books still available: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arduino-project-handbook/x/6727171 Regards, Mark


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