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Dear All,

I have a problem. I want to create a sort of audio player where I can play a .wav file depending on wich pin is triggerd. This code works fine now thanx to the standard code in the Arduino Sketchbook. But now the problem starts: when I say I want to play another file after my first, the music has "pauses" in it. Like it has a problem buffering. Also deleting the "while(true)" results in the same problem.

I use the Arduino Due in combination with a w5100 ethernet shield with micro SD-card (got 2 of these shields and both have this problem).

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem???


Please post your code so we can check it.

If you play the "other" file first, does it still have pauses?

Is it always the file you play second that has pauses?

What if you play the first file again?

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