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I'm going to use an sd card (in fact micro SD and Roland Riegel or uFat2 or whatsoever to access it) for a demo

But for the final version, i'd like an SD card in SMD format, in fact a SD card directely soldered to the board

Do you know if it exists ? I haven't found for now, someone could give me a link maybe ?

Thanks !


You get SMD adapters for memory cards - they are no bigger than the card themselves.

Note that the microSD socket is pretty damn small - you'd want some good SMD soldering skills/tools!





Yes I know these products, I use them in fact for my system
I use the micro SD card from libellium:

But I'd like to know if there's a smaller piece, all in one that just solders to the board
In fact, I don't need to remove the SD card

That's why I'm wondering if a micro SD card in SMD design exists

Any idea ?


A quick search for "flash memory" on newark.com came up with this:


SD cards are just flash memory in a nice package.


Depending on how much storage you need, you might try something like Atmel's serial flash they top out at about 8MB though.

You could also try cracking open your SD card, might reveal a solderable IC or atleast a part number to source. Although this makes it look like it may not be a monolithic IC but generic flash and some protocol glue.

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