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They have a lot of Arduino stuff listed. Has anyone dealt with them before and comment on their prices, delivery, and if necessary, how they've handled returns and so on? There's a local store near where I live but they don't carry off-the-shelf kits and components. Comments appreciated.


Expensive. But if I need something urgently (and assuming they have it in stock) I can walk to my local store and have it within 30 minutes.

Personally I would advocate finding an on line supplier. Have a look at the list under the Buy -> Distributors tab.
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I bury my head in shame :smiley-red: I can't see anything like you mention unless you've got a customised ebay setup perhaps? I couldn't find anything in my standard ebay's front-of-house that has a tab like you describe.

In general, is there a supplier you'd endorse? Assuming you're permitted to do so by the Forum Police. :)


Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


I see it now; the Arduino website, not ebay. I'll look at the distributor listings. Thanks for the heads-up.


Some UK suppliers that I have used, apart from technobotsonline. I cannot comment on returns as I have never had to do so.
My favourite from the list is hobbytronics as they have given me superb service every time I have ordered from them. I also order quite a bit of stuff from eBay and have a few shops/sellers that I return to as there service is also good and cheap.
For some larger projects I order components from Mouser, CPC & RS but you have to remember the prices are not VAT inclusive.


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Thank you, Riva.

My wife and I are going to Prague in two weeks and there's a walk-in store called GM Electronic. Their prices are a little more than the UK but it will give me the chance to have a look at the stuff. There's no point buying, I suspect, because I could picture the security forces, sniffer dogs, and the rest kicking my head in if I try and board a plane with suspicious looking components in my bag. :)

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Hi, for what the internet can provide you certainly have to search for bargain and deals.

Most of my supplies come from RS (free next day courier, 9.00AM), or E14 (farnell)(Courier sachel free if order over $50), and just down the road, like 5mins, Wiltronics who have Arduino, and good supply of components, and online shopping.
If there is no hurry, I'll got to ebay, I always do a   search  "arduino" and look at Auction with free postage.
Surprising what you will eventually end up with.

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