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The video is the demo about how to use Scratch 2.0 to control robot arm.

We developed the package to connect Arduino and Scratch 2.0. The graphical user interface would help beginner and childern play with robot easier. For the instruction of how to install the package, please visit http://wiki.makeblock.cc/index.php?title=Makeblock_For_Scratch_2.0.

For the robot arm in the video, it would be launched as a kit later. If  you want to make one now. All you need are,
?Mechanical parts,

For the mechanical parts, we have upload the 3D model (.step) to GrabCAD, you can find which parts you need there.

?3 DC motors,
?2 dc motor drivers,
?A gripper
?A bluetooth 2.0.
?RJ11 cables
?Battery holder and bracket

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