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I would like to use the analog reference (AREF) pin on the Arduino Due. However, in the datasheet it mentions desoldering a BR1 resistor.

Could someone show me a picture with that specific resistor highlighted (I am not very good at reading schematics).

Also, why does this resistor exist if it limits the use of this capability?


Ryan Foss


Hi Ryan,

I have never played around with this.  However, when I was working on this:


I added the notes in the attached picture Capture.png.

Component highlighed in Capture1.png.

Why would they do this?:  It makes the board easier to use (consider the market).  Also, Vref can only get smaller than this current value.  By fixing it on the board, I suspect that they hoped to reduce failures due to folks applying 5V, and the like.




Its rather tricky to get at that component as its in the shadow of a large MLCC,
I hope a revised board uses a switch or jumper.
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