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Hello together,
I'm looking for the assembly diagram of Arduino Duemilanove, top side and bottom side, but I can't find it on the internet and I need it to build this microcontroller, so.. anyone got these?. Ok, guys, thanks in advance. ;)



If you mean schematic and PC board layout, check here...



Thanks, Mike, but it's not exactly what I want, hmm.. I don't know so I give you an example of Coreduino

                                                      top side and  bottom side.

I want this kind of diagrams but of a Duemilanove microcontroller. Thanks in advanced.



The eagle files in the link above that Mike posted give you not only the smae level of information as the photo you posted but a lot more too.

The photo you have posted is the output of a gerber-viewer, I'm guessing the one from sparkfun used to preview your PCB before they make it.

The eagle files have the layout+values of the components, which is something you cannot get from the images like the one you posted.

If you want, you could export the eagle files into gerber format and get a picture exatcly like the one you posted.


Ok, Trialex, thanks, but could you explain me how to export Eagle files as gerber format?
Thanks in advance again :)


I exported these files, but what's that I had to do to open them?
(I have 'Gerbv Gerber File Viewer' installed)

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