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Apr 19, 2014, 11:07 am Last Edit: Apr 19, 2014, 11:09 am by realfcbstuff Reason: 1

I am currently modifying and developing based on arduino ethernet board to interface with a relay and fpc connector.

I would like to ask regarding this component :
5   10u   CPOL-EUSMCB   SMC_B   C8, C11, C13, C18, C19   POLARIZED CAPACITOR, European symbol

I realized these are the decoupling capacitors for the arduino ethernet board.
However, based on my observation these capacitors on the original board are non-polarized capacitors.
May i know should i be using a polarized one or non-polarized capacitor in this part?

Many thanks


Typically decoupling caps are ~100nF - I'd be inclined to think these are tank caps for the power supply instead.

Regardless, it doesn't matter whether you use polarized or non-polarized, as long as the orientation is correct :) You could use 10uF ceramics, which are (almost always) non-polarized, or you could use 10uF aluminum caps, which are (usually) polarized.


I see, this means that if i use non-polarized cap, the orientation doesn't matter and when i use polarized cap, the orientation matters right?



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