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You know I had to do this.



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Andrew, that's a brilliant demo - you put that together really quickly!

We (at Batsocks) are building them as fast as we can at the moment - Appearing on 'Make' was a bit of a surprise (albeit a welcome one!). Fortunately I've now got part-time access to a CNC machine so drilling and shaping the boards is now a lot easier.

What are people going to be using them for?
As a general output/debugging device, or does anyone have any more specific plans?


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Andrew, that's a brilliant demo - you put that together really quickly!

I already had a Life sketch knocking around from doing it on two previous devices so all I had to do was change the output code to use the TellyMate instead which was very minor.

I'm glad it's proving successful - I think it's a great product that will let more people experiment with Arduinos without the uncertainties of electrical circuits getting in the way of learning the language and software debugging.

So far the only thing that's occurred to me that I wish it did is to have a third colour so you could use chroma-keying and do overlays, but I guess that would up the complexity somewhat.


Ben Combee

Right now, I'm planning on making a web message display client using it, an Ethernet shield, and my Webduino library.  It would look like an IRC channel, but with messages added to the scroll buffer using POSTs.  I could have various sensors post messages to it from time to time.


Not sure what applications I will use it on but the fact that it also emulates DEC terminal control codes really is a plus++ feature that off loads a lot of overhead code for any sketch using them.


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