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Mike, I think it's the other way 'round. The Arduino could be made to become a 'TellyMate'.

I'd assumed that The_Bongmaster was going to remove the chip from the Arduino to use in a stand-alone TellyMate made on a breadboard, but I suppose you're right - the Arduino itself could be made into a TellyMate with the addition of the additional tellymate circuitry! If it helps, I'll draw up a simplified schematic...

Of course an Arduino wired up this way will be single-function, e.g. a TellyMate, but it should respond to serial
data from the PC in the normal way.


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thats great :)

thanks for doing this :D

I have a dual core board with a chip in right now that can be used to test :)

following the schematic i should be able to either breadboard the whole thing or just breadboard from the relevant pins from the DC board :).

I'll let u know wat i do and how i get on later ;)
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well the crappy 5" tv i had only picked up the composite signal on the vhf band and not thru is composite in, tho the signal was crap what with it being a bleed signal. but i was able to tune in enough to see the text appearing on the screen so the code appears to work nicely on the 168 :)

i need to dig out my pocket lcd tv and see if thats any better XD hopefully i will be able to see the stuff on the screen XD

at leas i  know my breadboarded mock up works :)

thnx for the code and how to on uploading it ;)

any chance of there being a VGAmate? XD
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