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I've done the final design of Amanduino - Arduino's clone. I'm looking for somebody good in electronics - please check my PCB layout and schematics. As an author I always think that everything is ok, but I can be wrong :)
All data files are available on http://www.amanduino.org/schematics
The FT232RL CBUS4 pin will be configured as 12/24MHz clock generator, there will be jumper on battery pinout, the Arduino bootloader will be burned via pinouts on assembled board.
Please look for any bugs, because I want send design to PCB service.

Thank you
Amadeusz 'alfanick' Jasak


I think something might be wrong with your link... Or my work connection!




Check the USB-mini connector pinout; you have a different pin connected to GND than I do on the Freeduino design that has an SMT mini-USB connector.  But I'm not sure which is right...


Thank you westfw!
According to http://pinouts.ru/Slots/USB_pinout.shtml you have right! I already updated the schematics.


Sent to PCB factory :) Waiting for 30 PCBs.

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