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We might go for International sales , option will be there as its just an international courier and shipping/insurance is paid by user.

First target is to get the kit made , We are looking at decent percentage markup when done in proper quantities. Though i am not looking at 10 k like quantities but its still a profit making effort , without that u loose interest very soon.

I know its not easy, but then it would not be any fun. For a start component costs are cheaper in India and so are labour costs.For ex Mega8 costs 3.05 USD at 100 quantities @sparkfun , but it costs <  1 USD locally. Also RC components are really really cheap.

I think it can be done so am trying . But until the first ARP kit is made a lot remains to be done .



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Here are a few more links and ideas:

If you put both ATmega8 and 168 in the sockets there is an upgrade path there: if users get ATmega328 it takes place of the main Arduino processor and ATmega168 gets bumped into co-processor place. This adds value to your kit.

SparkFun released a new ATtiny2313 based ISP programmer http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9231. No zenner diodes there only three resistors to interface USB.

Also, found today AVGA project at http://avga.prometheus4.com/index.php. It is VGA/PAL/NTSC graphics output library for a 20MHz AVR Mega MCU. It runs on ATmega168, and may have limited capabilities on ATmega8. The DAC is implemented via 12 resistors and no diodes.

As a kit provider you don't have to implement any of this. But you can make prototyping area, enough for any of the cool projects, throw in all necessary resistors, caps and diodes, and provide URLs, schematics, and source code for all those projects.

I bet you are doing it already, but if not you definitely should make some sort of tutorial on how to use your kit and a step-by-step guide how to make various cool projects with available parts. At a very small cost this adds tremendous value to the kit.

Good luck Vikas, and keep us posted about your progress!


Absolutely the closest implementation to what you are looking for is AVR-CDC for ATTiny45 and could be found here: http://www.recursion.jp/avrcdc/ but 2313 version implements only limited subset of serial interface functions.

I visited that website and very interested with ATTiny USB to RS232.
But the output are only TX and RX.
Anyone know how to get other signal like RTS and DTS?
Because Arduino is using it to auto reset mcu before uploading.




You can check this , it is what i had proposed and finally developed.

It will be available on sale soon ( about 9 USD ) ... making it the cheapest arduino online . You have to Add Some code to the driver for DTR , RTS and Leds to work.


Hi Vikas,

can you send to us the schematics and other sources for your custom freeduino?

Thanks and congratulations about your project!

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