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Well what the hell, why not another freeduino variant? :D I haven't spent much time on this one but I thought I would throw it out there anyway.

Overall size is 1.5"x2.5". (I was initiall going for business card size but I just couldnt justify making it that big!) Its loosely based on the Lilypad with the basic concept of being a simple minimal prototype-friendly design with room for optional resonator and serial and isp programming headers.




Very nice, if I had some surface mount chips then I would actually try and make this.


sweet :) this would be great for guy based wearable projects :) i would probably want one :)



In addittion about Carduino theme...


Few days ago my friend reported that his Arduino Nano v.3 was broken and asked me for links with schematic. Then, I was very surprised while viewing his photos:



Is this a true Arduino board or fake (i.e. Arduino license violation)?

I have Arduino Nano v.3 made by gravitech.us and it has ATmega328 ... This is a completely different board...


Is this a true Arduino board or fake (i.e. Arduino license violation)?

As far as I am aware, 'arduino' does not make a 'carduino' board so yes, because it clearly says "arduino nano v3" on it, it is violating the arduino license if they do not have permission from the official arduino team...

It is ok if the board is not being sold. If it is just being used by the person who made it then it can say whatever they want on it as long as it is not advertised to other people as being an official arduino board...

Apart from that the board looks cool. I would recommend that the 'arduino' name part is removed and then it will be fine :D



Thanks for reply!

But, as I know, this board can be can be purchased in a Russia, Moscow (with an international delivery, I suppose).

See carmonitor.ru/ru/arduinonanocarduinonano-p-108.html

(780 RUR ~ $26)

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