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Not quite sure if this is the right sub-forum but...

I had an idea for a AC power supply shield.  I could imagine that this is probably easiest to do with a wall-wart in most cases, but I have a project that involves a small enclosure with AC wiring, and I might not have room for an extra outlet and a wall-wart inside.  I could find a small AC-DC power supply that I could squeeze in there, but where would the fun be in that?

I was just thinking that a small AC-DC shield would work nicely in this situation.  Just enough power to supply the board, and maybe a few peripherals.

Anyone want to throw one together for me?  I am going to start working on one myself, but AC always kind of scared me.


I am in a very similar situation. Did you end up making your own shield? Would you mind posting it?



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You mean that you want to use 120/240V and have a shield with the appropriate transformer on rather than have a transformer at the plug end correct?

Any specific reason for this...

It would be reasonably easy to make one but still not too safe. It would be easier to have an in-line transormer that is inbetween the arduino supply and the wall plug.

I am going to start working on one myself, but AC always kind of scared me.

Well it's probably not a good idea to have an exposed shield board with AC when you are building it if it scares you...


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