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So I'm looking for a good site (preferably cheap) to order custom PCBs from.  I'm aware most sites require you to order at least 2 per board, which I'm okay with.



Good for small projects. Takes a long time.

Big projects, and short turnaround, will be a factor of 5 or 10 more expensive, unless you order 50 boards. For that, check out OurPCB.
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If it's going to be open source, check here :)


I can vouch for Seeedstudio.  I've used their service, it was very quick, and the board is very high quality and attractive.  Also they are a pleasure to work with.  Even if it's not open source, their "trinity" package sounds like a fantastic deal.  

IMO, batchpcb is grossly overpriced for a similar service and much too slow, especially for the premium price they charge.


Of course you don't want to use BatchPCB for a board larger than a few square inches. However, if you have half a dozen tiny boards to try out, you can't beat the $10 setup fee.
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Even in those situations, I can't see why I'd want to go with BatchPCB.  

Seeedstudio's "Domino" service is equivalent to BatchPCB except you pay $49 shipping and $0.75/sq inch.  This becomes cheaper in total than BatchPCB at about 40 square inches (around 5-6 Arduino-sized boards).  And once you buy in to the $49 fee you can comfortably buy as many different boards or copies of boards as you want, even throw in a couple of ladyada protoboards for about $3 each, or other open source projects you want to try.  With Bathc PCB, this is simply not an option because their per sq. in. price is so high.

My personal preference is Seedstudio's "Trinity" service though.  $90 for 80 square inches of up to 3 designs.  At BatchPCB, $90 gets you 32 square inches.

And their propaganda service gets you 5 boards for $30, up to 4x4 inches.  With the catch being that you have to open source your design.  They're basically subsidizing open source hardware in that context.  They're bribing developers to share their designs.  How can you not love the company? ;)


That reminds me that I have a bunch of PCBs to send to seeedstudio... ^^


Advanced Circuits is not too expensive. Excellent quality and very easy to deal with.

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"They're bribing developers to share their designs.  How can you not love the company?  "

I agree. I'm not up to now much of a PCB user, however when I read about this open source support program I was blown away. The main reason I was attracted to the Arduino was it's open source policy and to see other manufactures come forth and support that effort is a real good reason to for us to support them back with out business when ever possible.  :)



Never a shortage of opinions whenever this topic comes up.

Mine is that there are some factors that should be considered - how many boards you need, what size, where you live, and how long you're willing to wait. You know these things, we don't.

I think all of the board houses mentioned here have their own strengths and weaknesses. If I were you, I would price what you need at each.

Oracle has vouched for quality and service of seedstudio and I will do the same for BatchPCB.

In my case I needed two 2"x2" designs which I got for $33 delivered. I don't think that was a "grossly overpriced" but you see how your mileage may vary depending on what you need.

Just my own opinion, of course.

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check out silvtronics (www.silvtronics.com). they offer prototype pcb.

as for leadtime, their website says 10days, but they usually ship my boards in about 5-6days.

one thing i like about them is all their boards by default goes through full electrical testing.


I use GoldPhoenix which is the same company that BatchPCB uses once they get a full board together. You will pay extra for a multi-project PCB but the base cost for a 2-sided board is $89 for 100 sq in and $99 for 155 sq in. No hidden costs and shipping is included. I usually get mine back from China in 2-3 weeks. Board quality is excellent.

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