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Then a little smoothing of the cut surface with a file or sandpaper and it will look like store bought  ;)



I know it's a bit late, but the RS link I posted above is for the DIL socket, not the SIL version. Guess who just took delivery of some ::).


Here's also stackable headers, that also includes a stackable ICSP connector. Just a weeeeeee bit cheaper than the adafruit (0,01$) ;)


Just ordered from them (intl.). They seem to have quite a good stock of arduino related stuff.



+1 for the NKC headers.

I bought several sets last time I ordered from NKC.  They work well, and look better than the headers I cut to fit.



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In case it's helpful for bigger orders, I've found two main sources for these long-square-tailed-female-headers.

The first is Samtec:
They're pretty pricey, but they do deliver very quickly.

The second is Don Connex (whose UK distributor is Toby - they've already been mentioned)
I'd happily recommend Toby by the way. Friendly and efficient.

There's a third source, which is 4uconn, but I don't think their tails are quite square (but I'm not sure that matters). Their part numbers are 18688 and 18689.

The samtec parts above are the gold-flash version. Below is a picture of the matte-tin finish version.

[edit: And, as is often the case, I've completely misunderstood the question! - My waffling was for the long-tailed headers that are suitable for stacking shields - the OP just wanted standard female headers... Oh well, someone might find the info useful <sigh>]


I sell the samtech ones over here.


The samtec ones are a little bit pricier, but the quality is very good. I've seen a lot of the cheaper ones get loose after a few insertions.



Also, if you pull the "sacrificial" pin out with needlenose pliers first it makes it a lot easier to cut!


Amen to the sacrificial pin Vxir, the ICSP header could be made out of a chopped 8.  It just dawned on me that the ICSP stack would go upside down to be useful....

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