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BatchPCB uses GoldPhoenix. I use GoldPhoenix and think they do a really good job.  It is extra for irregular shaped boards. You could get 100 rectangular boards (<155 sq.in) for $99 including shipping.

As an alternative the Oak Micros om328p with Arduino bootloader is 0.7" wide and 0.4" high with low profile pins (or 0.5" high with standard pins).  This could easily fit in a 1" tube. The om328p includes a regulator, USB and is already shipping. There is also an extensive reference manual.

Tom Whitwell

I have one of Mike's Oak Micros beautiful om328p boards - 100% of the functionality of a duemnilanove - power regulation, onboard USB - in really, really small package, and can be mounted in a socket. The only thing I would have liked was some really tiny silk screening to make it easier to identify pins...  



Here is my design, I call it the Picoduino, all the IO, actually 8 Analog inputs, USB, ICSP, TX and RX leds, and Pin 13 led, VCC and GND pins

I'm actually updating the design so it will have a VCC, and GND pin, plus the AREF and Reset broke out, only one pin longer.  Also it's .6" so it will fit in a socket.

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