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Have to agree with Oracle.  But this stuff is actually designed for our HCR mobile robot platform.  


The price tag for this board is around $35. Plus a LCD shield which cost   $15.

If people interesting in 1280 version, it will be no problem at all to make one of that with plenty of I/O and more memory.


Thats pretty impressive for $35. Although I do think if youre going for an everything in one design you might as well throw the kitchen sink at it.

Oh and the 328 doesnt look to be widely available in SMT until some time this summer....



Sure, have to avoid the kitchen stuff.  The idea behind this design is just for 2 motor drivers and a easy way to connect stuff.


in YeRobot.com, it still not avialable in stock,
and in http://www.dfrobot.com/?product-252.html , i don't understand anythings...  :-/

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