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Hi everybody,

I like to play with my RC car and I would like to build another thing by myself.  :)

I've seen on internet that we could use 2*nRF24L01 (1 in recption and 1 in transmission).

But I would like use only one PCB (in reception on my car) and use an existing radio control.

Somebody have an idea how can I do?

Thanks by advance


nRF24L01 is also at 2.4GHz and you'll get interference between it and your existing RC control. HM-TRP modules, at 433MHz, are commonly used for this purpose and you should be able to find plenty of examples out there.


The 2.4GHz modules I once played with allowed you to set the transmitting channel so that you wouldn't get interference; maybe your module also has that option. Also, all but the cheapest 2.4 GHz RC systems automatically select an empty channel to transmit on so you shouldn't have problems.



Thanks for your answers guys but I've one more question.
What is the easiest module to integrate? The nRF24L01 module or the the 433MHz?

I've found a lot things on the web but I'm a little bit lost. Somebody can help me please? :)

Thanks by advance for your answer.

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