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     My name is Henry and I am new to Arduino. I have a background in iPhone app development and have published many apps to a multitude of devices. The Arduino micro controller caught my eye and for my first project I really want to create a shirt-folding robot, like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAbcixj7Occ
     The problem is that I have no clue how to make it. I have sheet metal and cutting devices for the folding parts and I have an Arduino Uno with a starter kit. However, I don't understand the concepts behind getting this machine functional. I'm looking for an experienced Arduino user to write a tutorial of sorts that can help me create this robot. A parts list, step by step tutorial with explanations, example code with explanations and some of your time to answer questions I may have would be ideal.
    I am more than happy to reward you with money through PayPal for your help, and I look forward to getting started on this project. How much would this cost, and how long would it take for you to get the tutorial together?



Hello Henry,

Rather than trying to get an individual to do this why not just ask for advice here on the forums. There are a lot of people (like myself) who offer free advice and design ideas. I also charge for my time if you have a commercial product and require more than just a response in the forums.

I see this as having several parts. You have the mechanics of the folding machine. The drive for the mechanics. Then you have the control of the system. You will also be wanting to put some feedback into the system to be able to control it effectively. Then you would be well advised to also have some sort of safety systems in place like emergency stops etc.

Now you have the basic parts of the project identified you can start t think about the details. like how it is to be controlled. I.E. what is the Human Interface. Then you have to start sourcing parts to control and monitor the system such as motor controllers, switches to test for movement limits and positions and emergency stops etc.

Have a think about this a bit more and then come back here with some specific questions and I am sure you will get plenty of good advice.

Cheers Pete.
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reminds me of - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz6rjbw0ZA0 -
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For any new technology I've learned I can always remember the project that got me started. I'm sure someone can teach you how to use an Arduino or how to program in C/C++, but until you actually try to write or build something on your own you'll never really learn it. For you I'm betting you didn't really learn Objective C until you wrote your first iPhone app.

Just jump in. Read a few tutorials, try a few things, and when you get stuck on a specific problem just come back and ask for help.


Thanks so much for the replies! I'll give it a shot on my own.


Well try on its good for your academic development OR else there are folks who can do this!
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