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I have just got started with Arduino and am planning an oil tank level monitor using a ping((( device.
I have aquired a Philips Nino LCD screen (ug24u01) - datasheet is here http://www.earthlcd.com/pdalcd.htmI havn't really got much idea where to start with this - any help would be appreciated.


Ran Talbott

Unfortunately,  the place to start is advertising your display on craigslist or ebay in hopes of finding someone with a broken Nino:  it's designed to be run by a controller chip that sends individual screen dots to it at very high speed,  and the Arduino just can't do that.

There are some graphic LCDs available that have a controller chip built into the module,  and some folks have developed Arduino software to drive them:  see the GLCD library.  They're available on the surplus market for as little as $10 (for a smaller,  black-and-white screen).

Another possibility would be to buy an old iPaq or Palm,  and connect to it via the serial port.  There's an application called palmorb that makes the Palm emulate a large character LCD,  and something similar could be done to turn a PDA into a graphics display.



Thanks - I have both and old Palm V and an old Ipaq so I will investigate these

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