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It was proposed to set up a monitoring system .The aim will be to display information on the LCD screen according to events happening in the external environment. The environment is represented by the following components   :):

Two buttons , which represent 2 infra-red barrier
Two potentiometers . Serves as a " 2  set " and is set by the user.
The problem is that the LCD dosn't show anything what did i do wrong ? plz help me  =(

you will find in the attachement the program
i put two pic :
1st one for the assembly and the second one is the result  :smiley-eek-blue: :smiley-red


Your circuit diagram does not show any connections to the backlight but your backlight is clearly operating in the photograph. 

Are you sure that you have interpreted the LCD pin numbers correctly?  Your photograph is too small for me to verify your connections.  On most LCD modules pin #1 is near the edge of the board. 

If you have the pin sequence reversed then you are powering the backlight (on pins 15 and 16) but you are not powering the LCD controller (on pins 1 and 2).  The logic connections will be incorrect as well.



Hi thx for the fast reply
i actually checked the connections
pin15 & 16 are indeed connected :
pin 15 is connected to 5V
pin 16 is connected to GND

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