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I'm sorry for posting this in an Arduino forum, but you guys know so much I thought you might be kind to help me with another Microcontroller.

I need to program an 8051 microcontroller: http://www.megawin.com.tw/megawin_EN/ProductShow.asp?ID=135


I have really no idea how to go about programming these types of Microcontrollers. Can anyone give any advice on anything I could read or look-up.

I have the ISP programmer for the chip with an USB interface, and there seems to be software online. But apart from that i'm a bit lost.

Any help would be really appreciated.




Your options to program this chip using something other then the tools provided by the manufacturer are limited.  IF you can get the chip prepped by someone with the proper tools, the chips data sheet (section 20) provides details on bit banging their ISP protocol, which requires a preloaded 'bootloader' on the chip.  Their ICP protocol is listed as proprietary... and not documented.

In short your best bet if you need to use this chip is to purchase the tools availble from the manufacturer.


Thank you wanderson,

I think I have the ISP programmer, and according to the website it looks like they recommend using an application called Keil. So i'm going to give it a go and see what happens.

Thank you so much for your help.


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