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I am relatively new to micro controllers, but not tinkering.  I'm more like a Steve Jobs  than a Bill Gates, if you would tolerate such an analogy.  So I see a need that is not met especially the Midwest United States.  I will be organizing meetings in public or private venues on the Second Saturday of every month in the greater Little Rock  area.  I am the founder of this "Club."  So reply to this or Message me and we'll get this ball rolling and open new doors for ourselves and the general public  in the way of technology.

John Crabtree


My name is Chris Gaines and I am in Malvern, 45 min SW of Little Rock on I-30.  I would love to meet with a group as I am beginning here and wanting to use this to teach my 8yo son electronics in the future.  Problem is I currently work Every Wed. & Sat. as I am a fireman for the City of Malvern.  Would love to swap e-mail with info or questions.

-Chris Gaines

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