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I would like to ask if someone can help me , i would like to load a simple configuration txt file to the arduino from sd
inside the file there it will be like below.

Timer 1 = ON
Timer 2 = OFF
Timer 3 = OFF

I just want to load the timer name and the ON / OFF status than update accordingly

I am using library   #include <SD.h>

thanks in advance


I use the SD card to hold my ethernet shield network setup. Maybe that will give you some ideas.


Thanks Tim

but in my case it does not work since cannot accept a description to the parameter



it does not work

What doesn't work? The code you didn't post? The SD card you didn't post a link to? The SD reader you didn't post a link to?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Didn't you notice how I used sscanf to split up the character arrays? Change that to meet your requirements. I'm not going to do all your work without some type of financial reward.  ;)

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