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I have an prusa i3 3d printer, which has a Mega 2560 r3 control board, Ramps 1.4 shield. I have the wrong firmware installed on it. How do I remove that firmware so I can install new firmware?


It is removed when you write the new firmware automatically.
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If you mean the bootloader:

You can simply upload the new bootloader ( using an ISP & IDE ).
If you do not use a bootloader ( ISP using AVR tools ) it should erase the flash before upload anyway, but not important.

ISP: In system programmer: https://www.google.com/search?q=in+system+programmer+avr

Or if you are referring to the actual sketch, simply hit the upload button.

Give  a bit more information into what exactly you need to do. Do you have a copy of the Arduino IDE & code for the 3d printer? Have you used Arduino before or is this completely new to you ( have no idea where to start )?

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This is all new to me. I don't now anything about programming. I thought it would be nice to get a 3d printer and see what it would do. I fooled around with it for over a week. Go so fustrated, took it to a computer shop, paid good money and he put frimware on for another board. What do you mean by a bootloader?
Thank, Ed


Do you have the firmware, either a compiled .hex file or the source code which needs to be compiled?
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I'm not sure what you mean. I just downloaded the firmware, from the place I got the printer from, and installed it. Its readerable and I think you can change setting in concerning the printer. I think you would call it a compiled. hex file.


If you have the .hex file. One way is probably to download the Arduino IDE.
It can't upload hex files itself, however its packaged with AVR tools with which you can upload the hex file. However this needs a ISP, you can't use the USB for this.

I just found this (never tried ) but it looks like a good alternative http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/arduino-xloader It will allow you to use the USB.

However if you have the human readable code ( .h &.cpp, not .hex ) then you can use the IDE very easily, and also modify the code to your configuration.

IDE can be found here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
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I'm going to switch computer. I have the arduino ide program on my compute, but have not installed it yet. Will work on trying to setup again, on my other computer, in a few days
When I install the Marlin firmware do you know what file to use to upload it. Is it prusa i3 with extension. ion, or is it the Marlin pde file?


The .pde is the sketch, rename it to .ino for the new IDE. There may be other files with the sketch too ( .h, .cpp, .c )

Also use the search feature to check that the old include "WProgram.h" is changed to the newer "Arduino.h"

If you have troubles, post the firmware package and me or someone else can compile it for you.
Once compiled the IDE can be used to upload. Or that xloader app I linked will upload the .hex made by the IDE
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