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I have no electrical engineering skills so I put my hopes to this forum for some guidance. The problem that I have is that when I write anything else than 0 or 255 on the transistor pin the readings from the rangefinder are incorrect. It is a nano, hc-sr04 rangefinder and a tip120 transistor. The 12V input is in the upper right corner and the led output is the white and grey wire top left.
Thanks! /Jan


Is the reading correct if you disconnect Pin 9 (the LED pin)?  If so that might mean that the LED circuit is causing problems with the power going to the distance sensor.  The PWM pulses can create a lot of noise.

I don't see a resistor between the Arduino and the Transistor.  If that is an NPN transistor the Base-Emitter junction acts like a diode straight to Ground.  Without a resistor (try 1K)  it will draw too much current from the Arduino pin.
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