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I'm planning to make one OSD board and been looking few example schemas, they all seems to use atmega162 and I was thinking to use 644 due I have easier access to 644's on my location.

What are main differences between those two chips, pin amount is same and general pin setup is quite same. 644 has more memory at least but is there anything else that I should know and just have not noticed it yet.




I dont know much about the 162 but I have had a bunch of experience with the 644. It has 64K flash and the 644P version has 2 serial ports. There is a bootloader available for it, http://sanguino.cc/ Also the wiseclock uses the 644 http://timewitharduino.blogspot.com/2009/09/buy-duino644-kit.html

According to the atmel datashee, the 162 only has 16K so the 644 is a much better choice


Thank you Mark,

Yes I know basic differences like 2 ser vs 1 and memory differences but the thing what I was looking for it more internal issues like differences in ADC resolutions, timers and things like that.

I also have one application (totally different than planned OSD) that runs 3 axis gyro + 3 axis accels, this app runs nicely on 328 mcu but adc readings are totally messed on 644. Other electronics is same around them liked AREF values and gyro/accs.

So i wonder why I'm getting so different results and weird behavior but just changing mcu's which should be the "same" just having few extra GPIO pins.


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