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Problem is solved. Thanks


My project is to simulate a firing machine gun with my Arduino Uno and 1 servo + 1 led
Tested separately, the code piloting the servo and the one piloting the led works quite fine.
But, when I put the 2 codes together ... Only the led works ... Absolutely no movement from the servo.

It looks like the code should move the servo.  Perhaps the servo is not connected properly or is not getting enough power?
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Hi,  you have completely killed this thread by removing all the text and code from your first post.
One of the reasons for a forum is so that information and solutions can be disseminated freely, once you have solved your problem it is normal to leave ALL the posts unedited so that someone who may have a problem similar to yours could use it to help them.
This thread could have done  that, it is now dead because you have removed all the evidence of the initial problem.
Change the subject to add SOLVED is great, as that shows a solution has been found.
But here its a case of a solution to what?????????????????????

Tom...... =(
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