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Asynclabs will have them in stock in couple days -


The store says it is down for maintenance. What are the prices on the new boards?

I really like the yellow jacket concept...





Seriously want this.  I have the original Wishield already and it works great.


what does it mean these lines in the item description? Isn't it going to be programmed with the arduino software?
does it mean that you'll need much more lines of code to do the same thing?

"Well new hardware is great, but it's only so useful as the software.  We know that the software isn't brain-dead easy to use, and it's something we are trying to fix.  We're currently reworking a lot of the stack and driver code to be a bit more modular, and easier to use.  This reworking of the code is currently driving us bonkers.  Most of this is due to the deficiencies in the ATMEGA328.  We hope to have this out soon, and hopefully this will enable us to put in some new features that a lot of people have asked for (do I hear DHCP anyone)?  Along with this we'll try our best to man the forums and provide more documentation to help everybody along."


At the moment you need an arduino and a wishield.
You use the libraries with the standard IDE.
The libraries are large so you idealy need the 328 to fit it all in.
Its very tempting to create all singing and dancing sketches that fill the ram and program space till it overflows.

As I understand.
All they are doing is combining the Arduino and wishield in to one single device.
No need for a shield to give you the extra hardware needed for wifi.
It will still work with the ide and the libraries just like with the shield.

They are improving the libraries to make them more modular to cut down on the size of the sketches.
So you dont have to include the dhcp functionality if you dont need it.
Leaving room for all that javascript you want to include on your arduino server application.

Ive been playing about with the wishield since it first came out and the libraries have improved dramaticly since they were released and work really well.  

The tiny double sided device looks amazing fitting the wifi and arduino into such a small package. I will be trying them myself when they are released.



I would suspect that the wifi module they are using is "dumb" rather than including a TCP stack like the wiznet chip.  that means you need a software TCP/IP stack, and those are usually pretty large.  Larger than the mega328's memory, to get the level of support that the wiznet has built-in.  :-(


i received my yellowjacket yesterday from cutedigi. it was quick to arrive and well packaged.  The WiShield code and examples came right up, and I was able to get their "webserver" up and running in no time at all.

i love this thing. thanks for the hard work and the open licensing.

spacehippy matt pinner



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hey Rf+apc220 = simple, costless,effective solution;

send/recieve data up to 1.2km at 9600 baud rate


buy here:


these DFRobot modules look like a really sweat alternative, Castels. thanks for sharing.  I'm still having trouble w/ getting udp working in the WiShield lib. It takes a lot of tweaking.  Having the softwarre support for any of these hardware solutions is really key to unlocking the demand from  dumb software guys like me ;)

- mpinner


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yhea, im' newbie with arduino and i got the apc220 working first shot. i can transmit data from aruino to usb antenna, to pc.

and i also managed to send data from one aruino to an other arduino device with these antennas. soo easy. just flip the rx tx cables on the
second arduino and Voila!

you have software that can configure how the antennas are set: for example you can define baud rate, frequency etc.

It's really a simple set-up no hassle, - plug and play !!!



Could you provide any pointers or even details abut how you got the APC220 working between PC or between two arduinos - would really appreciate some details for a newbie

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